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On the tall-ship "HMS" Rose.

Research on Traditional Dancing:

Social Dancing:

English 19'th c. Quadrilles & Country Dances

"Dancing Quadrilles" - a comic song from the 19'th c.
Arthur O'Bradley's Wedding - restored
Nellie Chaplin's "Revived Ancient Dances & Music," 1920

Irish 19'th c. Quadrilles & Country Dances:

"A Treatise on the THEORY and PRACTICE of DANCING",  Dublin (1810)
Kate Hughes' "Dancing Book,"  Dundalk (1867)
"Terpsichore - Her Votaries and Fashions," Dublin (1898)

Scottish 19'th c. Quadrilles & Country Dances:

Scottish 19'th c. - "Ballroom Companion" (1879)
Westrop's Caledonians

Australian 19'th c. Quadrilles & Country Dances:

Australian 19/20'th c. - "Mullens' Old Time Dance Guide"

New Zealand 19/20'th c. Social, Morris, Sword, Step Dance, Quadrilles, Country Dances:

19/20'th c. Social, Morris, Sword & Step Dance
Christchurch Country Dance Club - YouTube

Step & Clog Dancing and Morris Dancing:

English Step & Clog Dancing:

Origins of Clogs
Papers from the Hornpipe Conference - 1993
Traditional Step & Clog Dancing - Dr. Ian Dunmur
Traditional Step & Clog Dancing Pictures
The English Clog Maker or Clogger
Lancashire Clogging (making and dancing)
Walkley's Clog Factory
Films, Videos, CDs, Tapes & Books - in constant revision
Films / Videos / DVDs
Reading Cloggies' Step & Clog Dance Festivals (1989-2002)
Records / Tapes / CDs
Books & Magazines
Research, Theses & Articles
Film Archives
Web Sites & Articles (Online)
English Clog Dancers and Clog Dancing
Jimmy Ellwood
Sammy Bell's - Unique Pedestal
Sammy Bell - Tricks at Competitions
Sam Sherry - Lecture - 1984, Sam's lecture at the Reading Cloggies' Festival 1984. He describes his professional dancing with his four brothers on the music hall stage, including a visit to New Zealand.
Durham Championships, 1978
Gateshead Garden Festival - 1990, includes interview with Pat Tracey when she demonstrates Old Lancs Heel & Toe steps emulating the sounds of cotton mill machinery.
Reading Cloggies - 'Campaign for Reel Reels' - in preparation
English Trad. Social Dancing
Scottish Trad. Social Dancing
English / Scottish Clog Dancing
Reading Cloggies' Festival - 1982 Jim Lloyd and 'Folk on 2' visit the Reading Cloggies' Festival. Includes interviews with Ian Dunmur, Sammy Bell and Ashley Hutchings.
Reading Cloggies' Festival - 1994 Radio BBC Berkshire interviews Marion Target, Francis Alison, and Chris Brady with music by Ben Thackeray. Includes a demo. and description of Sammy Bell's 'zip' waltz step for a slatted dancing board.

Welsh Clog Dancing

Huw Williams and Welsh Clog Dancing - interviewed by Jim Lloyd on 'Folk on 2' - 1988/87

Traditional Irish Step Dances:

Collected from James Kean and Dan Furey of Labasheeda, Co. Clare, Eire during the period from 1990 to 1999:

"The Yellow Haired Goat" - an old Irish crossed-sticks dance
"Single Time" - an old Irish step dance - in preparation
"The Priest in his Boots" - an old Irish step dance - in preparation
"Single Time," "Yellow Haired Goat," "Priest in his Boots," etc. (Google Video)
West Clare Wren Boys featuring Dan Furey stepping out a hornpipe, followed by a Clare Caledonian Half-set (YouTube)

American Clog:

The Dancing Marleys
Early Jig & Clog Manuals Online
Dick Sands
Henry Tucker
Ed. James

New Zealand Morris Dancing:

City of Auckland Morris Dancers- Origins
City of Auckland Morris Dancers - 10'th Anniversary (photos)

Jig Dolls:

Jig Dolls - where to buy, how to play, etc.
"Pat Pickles Jig Doll Party" - video (email me for info.)
Dancin' Dolls and Walkin' Mules - Wooden Toys by Willard Watson
Val Knight's 'Jig Doll Duet' at the Reading Clog & Step Dance Festival - (YouTube)

Traditional Folk Activities - Morris, Mumming, etc.:


Banksy: Morris Dancer v.v. Riot Police
Dictionary of Faiths & Folklore by W.C.Hazlitt, 1905
Morris Dancing & May-day Games, Walford's Antiquarian, 1886
Morris Dancing in Ireland
"The Pipe and Tabor" by Sir Francis Darwin, 1914


Eastcote - Mumming Play, Middlesex
Harefield - Mumming Play, Middlesex
Horningsham Mummers' Play, Wiltshire
Quidhampton - Mumming Play, Wiltshire
Yiewsley - Mumming Play, Middlesex
West Drayton - Mumming Play, Middlesex
Wheelers End - Mumming Play, Bucks
Wootton Rivers - Wassailers' Song, Bucks
Mumming - Walford's Antiquarian, 1883
Mumming - Hazlitt Dict. of Faiths & Folklore, 1905
Mumming in Ireland

Major Online Research Resources:

Use the search terms ' clog danc* ' or ' jig danc* ' or ' fancy danc* ' or ' stage danc* ' etc. [Note use of the star ' * ' wild card]

Old Australian Newspapers
Old New Zealand Newspapers
British Pathe News - incl. The Five Sherry Bros. in 19361937
British Library
Library of Congress - Dance Instruction Manuals Online (1490-1920)
Library of Congress - Performing Arts
Harvard University Library

Early Aviation Pioneers:

New Zealand:

Richard Pearse incl. Biblio. - who, in March 1903, may well have 'flown' before the Wright Brothers!!
Geoff Rodliffe's Bibliography
The Riddle of Richard Pearse - NZTV Docudrama
Eyewitnesses to Pearse's Flights - YouTube Videos
Pearse's Sisters / Neighbour / Neighbour / Amos Martin
The Question
The Wright Bros. & Smithsonian Conspiracy
Opposition to the Pearse Case
Replica at Shuttleworth - 2003
Latest 'Flying' Replica - 2009/2010
Betascript Publishing


Preston Watson - the first flying Scot.

Tall Ships:

How To Sail on A Tall Ship:

Want to Sail on a Tall Ship?
Sail Training Associations
Tall Ships & Organisations
Mariners International
Typical Kit List
Tall Ship & Sailing Forums

Tall Ships Sailed On - Web Sites:

Sir Winston Churchill (2) - St. Kilda UK / Azores Atlantic
"HMS" Rose (1) - UK & France
Soren Larsen (3) - Bay of Islands NZ
S.T.S. Royalist (1) - UK & France
Lord Nelson (2) - Canaries
Kruzenshtern (1) - Eire & UK
HM Bark Endeavour (2) - Galapagos Pacific / UK
Europa (2) - Netherlands / East Coast USA
Christian Radich (2) - Norway / UK / France
Prince William (1) - Eire
Tenacious (2) - Antigua / Greece Cyclides

Tall Ships Sailed On - Photos & Reports:

Sailing Tall Ships - photos
Crossing the Line - report

New Zealand:

Takahe, Tiritiri Matangi Island - 1997


Broad Gauge Railways:

Azores Breakwater Railway


Delphi Forums Hosted (enter as 'Guest'):

Step and Clog Dance
Historic Vessels
Turkish Baths, Saunas & Spas

Schools and Colleges:

Patcham County Secondary School - 1959/64:

Patcham C.S. School - 1959

Brighton Technical College - 1964/66:


Personal Growth:

For many years I was bullied and discriminated at a major UK airline where in the IT department ageism ruled and a 'blame culture' emanated from the top right down to the grass roots. In the 24 years I was there I was victimised by managers, team leaders, peers, and even an occupational health nurse. In about 2003 12 football-supporting peers hacked my personal web site and uploaded disgusting comments to my 'guest book;' they also set up an unauthorised bulletin board on the company network using that to upload disgusting comments and photos about other members of staff and myself. But they got caught. During the 6-month long investigation the stress was so great that I acquired alopecia universalis. However I was granted no compensation by the company. Now having taken early retirement I am on a path of healing, learning to help and to heal others in order to help to heal myself. My path has taken many twists and turns - but on coming to a cross-roads I have usually chosen to take 'the road less travelled.' Below are some of the paths I have taken, and indeed am still taking, and some of the wonderful people who have helped me:

Reiki @ the Wren Clinic:

Reiki - Levels 1 / 2 - Michael Kaufman

Relaxation Massage:

Touch Amsterdam

Contemporary Shamanism:

EaglesWing - Contemporary Shamanism

Human Relations (Levels 1-4):

Human Awareness Institute - UK

Meditation @ the Wren Clinic:

'The Silent Mind' -   Michael Kaufman

Life Coaching

Life Coaching - Adam Clark

Favourite Relaxation / Meditation CDs:

"Crossing the Water" - Tony's wonderful CD; ITS BEAUTIFUL.
Tony's MySpace with Chanting - Chanting and ethereal music.
Om Namaha Shivaya - Robert Gass & Bliss - Listen to the Track 1 sample in MP3 - I LOVE IT!!!
Om Namaha Shivaya 2 - Robert Gass & Bliss - Listen to Track 1 sample in MP3
"The 'I Am ... ' Angel Meditation" on "Innerra" by Mohammad Bashar Al-hneidi - scroll down

Folk Music

Mike Harding (with whom I used to teach at Hawera, Taranaki, NZ in 1973-77)


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