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Rcently it has come to light that a publishing company called Alphascript &/or Betascript is copying verbatum thousands of Wiki articles including the one about Richard Pearse, printing them on demand, and then selling the hard-copies for anything up to $45 or 25 or more via Amazon &/or eBay &/or thousands of other book sellers.

The Richard Pearse book is a particular 'rip-off' because it is still very much a 'work in progress,' the text is out of date as soon as it is copied let alone when it is printed and then sold.

Evidentially this company is making large profits out of the hard work of others who have given freely of their time and energy to the Wiki community, yet within the books there are no acknowledgements whatsoever to the original Wiki authors.

Apparently Amazon and eBay are refusing to remove thousands of these 'scam' books from their listings. And Amazon is also removing adverse reviews and warnings about these expensive books all of which contain text which is available for free from Wiki.

Do not buy these books.


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