Early Clog & Jig Dancing

"Clog Dancing Made Easy"

The elements and practice of that art arranged, simplified and corrected...
By Henry Tucker.
This manual contains instructions for twelve steps that, according to the author, can be learned by practicing two hours a day. Libretti and music are provided for four musical comedy sketches that require clog dancing.
Pub.: R.M.DeWitt, c1874, New York.

Interestingly it seems that there were only instructional manuals for stage clog and jig dancing published in the U.S.A. Using the search terms 'clog danc*' or 'jig danc*' or 'fancy danc*' or 'stage danc*' some of the greatest collections can now be searched online.

There are only five known copies of this small manual. One is held by the University of Harvard Library in Boston, another is in the Library of Congress in Washington, another is in the British Library in London, a few copies are owned by individuals. It has also been republished by Chris Brady in 1979. Workshops on interpreting the steps have been held at the Clog and Step Dance Festival in Reading, England by Ray & Dawn Dawson and Alex Boydell.

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See: Henry Tucker

Scans of text
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Front Cover
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General Advice
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Explanation of Terms
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Dance & Break
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Example No.1. Tune
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Example No.2. "Oh, Nicodemus"
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Example No.3. "Durang's Hornpipe" click here Example No.4. "The Original Sailor's Hornpipe" click here
"Golden Showers" & Tune click here "The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane" & Tune click here
"My Gal" & Tune click here Adverts click here
Note: the additional 'Fox Trot Routine' of later versions is missing from this one.

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