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For a cold weather voyage of a week


2/3 season sleeping bag plus cotton inner (but bedding may be provided)
1 pillow case
set of night clothes (sweats will do)
3 sets of ear plugs

Working Clothes - day and night watches

gortex waterproof jacket with zip in linings
1 pair loose jeans or combats
3 T-shirts
1 sweat shirt
socks and underwear - easy to wash and dry
1 set thermals (top and bottom)
warm gloves (when off duty - gloves are dangerous when handing rope or climbing aloft)
woollen hat or balaclava
woollen/fleece scarf
trainers/sneekers (avoid yachting-type deck shoes)
wet weather gear (totally waterproof cagoul + trousers, may be provided)
sea/wellington/gum boots (normaly provided)

Clothes - general and for shore leave

1 pair loose jeans or combats
2 T-shirts
1 good shirt
1 sweat shirt
1 anarak/jacket
baseball cap
eye shades/sun glasses


1 big towel or 2 smaller towels
shampoo, soap, face cloth
toothbrush, toothpaste, other toiletries
band aids / tooth-ache tincture
hair comb
safety pins, sewing kit
neoprene or cord device for keeping glasses on
sun block - factor 15 or more


collapsable ruck sac or crew bag
sea sickness pills (Bonnine, Stugeron, Sea Legs, etc.)
sea band (works for some people)
candied ginger (another remedy for seasickness)
chocolate or candy (for those long nights on watch)
waterproof watch
Swiss Army-type knife (mariner's/seafarer version)
travel diary and pens
RYA or ASTA logbook
camera with more film than you think you'll need
spare camera batteries
flash unit + spare batteries
disposable waterproof camera(s) for taking aloft
credit card and pocket money
passport (for foreign ports)
small day pack for shore excursions
tourist guides (for ports or countries to be visited)
a few good paperback books
hanks of nylon cord for washing line, tying stuff up, etc.
lots of plastic rubbish bags for wet/dirty clothes etc.


walkman (with a relaxation tape to help you to sleep - but not for use on duty watch)
maybe a travel pillow
torch + spare batteries and bulbs (although your night vision should be sufficient on deck at night)
books on bird and sealife
Reed's Skippers pocket book (aide memoire for learning navigation)


A note about footware. Although some people like to wear deck shoes and trainers, others prefer to wear light hiking boots. Deck shoes can be very dangerous whilst working aloft as they can fall off. Trainers or sneekers can hurt after a while if you are standing on a wire for a long period of time. Hiking boots that do not have a bulky sole work best for some people.


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