Early Clog & Jig Dancing

"Ed. James'
Jig, clog, and breakdown dancing made easy,
with sketches of noted jig dancers."

This book begins with a brief history of jig dancing and provides a chronology of jig and clog dancers from famed African-American dance Master Juba to Johnny Diamond and Dick Pelham. The manual also describes twenty steps including 'heel and toe step,' 'shuffle,' 'clog break,' and 'plantation breakdown.'
Pub.: E.James, c1873, New York.

Interestingly it seems that there were only instructional manuals for stage clog and jig dancing published in the U.S.A. Using the search terms 'clog danc*' or 'jig danc*' or 'fancy danc*' or 'stage danc*' some of the greatest collections can now be searched online.

There is only one known copy of this manual. This is held in the Library of Congress, Washington.

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See: Ed. James

Scans of text
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Front Cover 
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The Jig and Clog dancers of America
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Jig, Clog, and Breakdown Dancing Made Easy - Attitude, Definition of Terms 
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Jig Dancing Steps
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Clog Break
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Plantation Breakdown
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Advert: Dancing Clogs
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