Westrop's "Caledonian Quadrilles"
- an 'original' Caledonian Set

Sheet 1

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Westrop's "Caledonian Quadrilles"

Sheet 2

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"My Love She's But a Lassie Yet"

"Duncan Gray"

1st FIGURE. Hands acrofs and back, set and turn partners. Ladies chain, half promenade, half right & left. Side Couples the same.

No.2 - [E?]TE
"Gordon of Lesmore"
"There's Nae Luck About the House"

2nd FIGURE. 1st Gentleman advance & retire twice, all set to corners and turn. Gentlemen taking next Lady's place, promenade.

Sheet 3

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No.3 - POULE
"Last May a Braw Wooer"
"Logie O'Buchan"

3rd FIGURE. Gentleman & opposite Lady advance and retire, the top Couple lead between the opposite Couples leading outside on return, set to corners and turn places, promenade.

"Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch"
"The Deil's Awa' Wi' the Exciseman"

4th FIGURE. 1st Gentleman & opposite Lade advance & stop, partners advance & turn to places. 4 Ladies to right, take next Lady's place, stop. 4 Gentlemen to left, take next Gentleman's place, stop. Ladies repeat to right, Gentlemen to left, all join hands, lead to places, turn partners.

Sheet 4

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"Green Grow the Rushes O"
"The Campbells are Coming"

5th FIGURE. 1st Gentleman leads partner round inside figure. 4 Ladies advance, join right hands & retire. Gentlemen the same. Set and turn partners. Chain figure half round, promenade to places. Change sides, set to corners & turn back to places, promenade for finale.

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