British Isles, Irish & North American
Traditional Clog & Step Dancing

Reading Cloggies' Festivals

Performers Shows, Workshop Showcases, & Lectures

The objectives of filming these performances were many. The main ones were:

To record the highlights of each Festival, i.e. the varied performances by specially invited accomplished guests: groups or solo dancers; to record the vast differrences between the many clog and step dance traditions of the British Isles and other parts of the world; to record the dances, routines and styles of material taught at each year's workshops; the lecture by a specially invited guest of long standing accomplishment.
To raise money for the so-called Reading Cloggies Film Fund in order to "further research, document and record fast disappearing step and clog dance traditions."

All performances can also be searched for and watched for free at the DVRA:

The Digital Video Research Archive of Morris, Sword, and Clog Dancing at Boston University - English and American Performances 1975 - present.
The Digital Video Research Archive (DVRA) is a research initiative built on the work of Professor Anthony G. Barrand and Francisco J. Ricardo, Ph.D. (UNI '99) at Boston University, Mass.; this is basically a streaming service for which you will need RealPlayer.
Thanks to Tony Barrand for spending so much time uploading and documenting the clips on his DVRA database; also for correcting the order and details of the below lists.
Video or DVD (PAL or NTSC) versions of the Festival recordings may still be available; all enquires to:

Please note that clips that were uploaded to Google Video were deleted when that service closed down in May 2011.

1st - 10th Festivals - 1979 - 1988 (details currently unknown)

If you have any information please email:

11th Festival - 1989 (video currently unavailable)


1. Hornpipe Routine - Pat Tracey

2. Irish Step Dancing - Linda Heneghan

3. Freestyle English Clog & Improvers

4. 17 step Lakeland Routine - Ian Dunmur

5. Basic Lakeland - John Walford

6. Sammy Bell’s Waltz - Sammy Bell & Laurie Mulliner

7. Sammy Bell’s Hornpipe - Sammy Bell & Laurie Mulliner

8. Putting the Steps back into Country Dancing - Jennifer Millest

9. Cape Breton Stepping - Dot Mulliner & Chris Brady

10. Appalachian Clogging - The Steptones

Performers Show:

1. Pat Pickles & Jig Dolls

(other details currently unavailable)

Workshop Showcase:

(details currently unavailable, presumable the same as for the workshops)


(details currently unavailable)

12th Festival - 1990

Performers Show: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

1. Clog Waltz For Three - Tanglefoot - Musician: ???

2. Sheet Folding Clog Dance - Tanglefoot - Musician: ???

3. Skipping Rope Clog - Cantwara (Junior King’s School at Sturry, near Canterbury) - Musician: Phil Edmonds

4. Clog Spies - Ray and Dawn Dawson - Musician: Bob Archer

5. Cumberland Sword Dance (collected by Tom Flett) - Sharon Pointeer - Musician: Ben Thackeray

6. Irish Hard Shoe Reel - ??? [l] + Linda Heneghan [r] - Musician: ???
7. Westmoreland Solo Clog - Jane Lloyd (né Flett) - Musician: self

8. Traditional Irish Hornpipe - Patrick O'Dea - Musician: ???

9. Clog Waltz - Alex Woodcock - Musician: Peter Clifton

10. Appalachian 'Clog/Flat-footing' - Lynne Hamburger - Musician: ???

11. American 'Clogging' - Ross Allen (Broken Ankles) + Lynne Hamburger - Musician: ???

12. Old Lancs 'Heel & Toe' Clog - Pat Tracey [far right] + Camden Cloggies - Musician: ???

12a. Presentation to Pat Tracey of card and bouquet for award of EFDSS Gold Badge

13. Old Lancs 'Heel & Toe' Clog - Pat Tracey - Musician: ???

Workshop: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

1. Sammy Bell's Waltz Clog with Laurie Mulliner - Musician: ???
(Note teaching of 'zip' step to make use of slatted boards, also 'Bob's Your Uncle' twist finish.)

Workshop Showcase: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

1. Freestyle Clog - Alex Boydell - Musician:

2. East Fife Clog Hornpipe - Ian Dunmur + class - Musician: ???

3. Trad. Irish Hornpipe Steps - Patrick O'Dea [l] and James Keane [centre - wearing tie] + class - Musician: ???

4. Appalachian Clogging - Lynne Hamburger & Broken Ankles + class - Musician: ???

5. Liverpool Hornpipe - Jane Lloyd (né Flett) + class - Musician: ???

6. Westmoreland Clog - John Walford + class - Musician:

7. Sammy Bell's Exhibition Hornpipe - Laurie Mulliner & Sammy Bell + class - Musician: ???

8. Mrs. Marhof's Single Hornpipe - Mike Cherry + class - Musician: ???

9. Irish 'High Cauled Cap' - Linda Heneghan+ class - Musician: ???

10. Irish Trad. Set Dance: 'The Caledonians' - Patrick O'Dea and James Keane + class - Musician: ???
(Note Patrick & James are adept at the battering - the clicking of the shoes as they dance)

Lecture: (footage currently unavailable)

Lynne Hamburger - "Appalachian Clogging" included videos/films of traditional and contemporary step dancing / clogging in the USA.

13th Festival - 1991

Footage currently unavailable

14th Festival - 1992

Workshop: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

1. Sammy Bell (part of workshop) - Musician: Keith Holloway

Performers Show: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

1. Cumberland Sword Dance (Duet). Cantwara (Canterbury School). Musician: Phil Edmonds

2. Military Clog. Cantwara (Canterbury School). Musician: Phil Edmonds

3. Massed Clog Hornpipe. Cantwara (Canterbury School). Musician: Phil Edmonds

4. Clog Hornpipe. Tanglefoot. Musician: Keith Holloway

5. Farmer's Clog. Ray and Dawn Dawson. Musician: Bob Archer

6. Appalachian Clog/Flat-footing (note: bells on shoes). Broken Ankles (Brighton)

7. American Clogging. Broken Ankles (Brighton). Musician: Jackie Rawlinson

8. Appalachian Flat-footing. Ross Allen.

9. Bill Gibbon's Canal-Boatman's Clog Steps from Burscough on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (usually danced on the boat counter whilst steering in workmen's clogs in time to the engine). Melanie Barber

10. Marion Cowper's Pedestal Clog Hornpipe. Ian Dunmer. Musician: Ben Thackeray

11. Clog Hornpipe (free-style). Alex Boydell. Musician: Ben Thackeray

12. Madeliene Inglehearn & National Early Dance Group:

      a/ Princess Ann's Chacone (Hornpipe)

      b/ Mr. Isaac's Pastoral(l)

13. Clog on a Drum. Mike Cherry. Musician: Ben Thackeray

14. Sammy Bell's Clog Hornpipe. Gill Ford. Musician: Ben Thackeray

15. Sammy Bell's Exhibition Clog Hornpipe. Gill Ford + Chris Brady [front] + Ian Dunmer [rear]. Musician: Ben Thackeray

16. Sammy Bell's Clog Waltz. Massed Reading Cloggies

17. Old Lancs 'Heel & Toe' Clog. Pat Tracey [r] + Camden Cloggies. Musician: John Dixon

18. Trad. Irish 'Sean Nos' Stepping. Mick Mulkerrin. Musician: ???

19. Free-style Clog-in. Broken Ankles + class. Musician: ???

Workshop Showcase: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

1. Westmoreland Clog Steps. John Walford + class. Musician: Alan Pittwood

2. Beginner's Westmoreland Clog Steps. Mark ??? + class. Musician: Alan Pittwood

3. Sam Sherry's Waltz. Melanie Barber + class (Sam joins in at the end). Musician: ???

4. Henry Tucker's Hornpipe 1874 (interpretation). Dawn & Ray Dawson and Alex Boydell + class. Musician: ???

5. Trad. Irish 'Priest in His Boots' from Dan Furey. Chris Brady + class. Musician: ???

6. Westmorland Clogging to Ragtime. Ian Dunmer + class. Musician: Ben Thackeray

7. Trad. Irish 'Blackbird' (part of). Linda Heneghan + class. Musican: ???

8. Sammy Bell's Waltz. Laurie Mulliner + class (Sammy joins in at the end). Musician: ???

9. Old Lancs 'Heel & Toe'. Pat Tracey + class. Musician: John Dickson

10. Alex's Clog Waltz. Alex Woodcock + class. Musician: ???

11. Trad. Irish 'Sean Nos' Step Dancing. Mick Mulkerrin + class. Musician: ???


(details currently unavailable)

15th Festival - 1993

Performers Show:

1. Jig Dolls - Pat Pickles

2. Appalachian Freestyle Flatfooting’: Ross Allen. Musician: Jackie Rawlinson.

3. Clog Waltz to Welsh tunes: Greenwood Clog. Musician: Eric Foxley.

4. Cloverleaf Clog. Musician: Ivan Wright.

      a/ Priest in His Boots, old Irish jig from Dan Furey;

      b/ Jackie's Broom Dance:.

5. Sam Sherry's Clog Polka’: Melanie Barber. Musician: John Dickson.

6. Welsh Clog Hornpipe’: Cobblers Awl

7. Jig Dolls Duet’: Val. Knight. Musician: Simon Knight.

8. Traditional Dartmoor Steps: Rachel Hitchcock - 1993 Dartmoor Champion Step Dancer. Musician: Alan Pittwood.

9. Clog Waltz for Six’: Green Ginger. Musician: Pete Fletcher.

10. 16-step Lakeland Exhibition Hornpipe from the Robinson family: Deborah Kermode (of Furness Clog). Musician: Ian Dunmur.

11. 1930's Tap Steps: Alex Woodcock & Kay Knightingale. Musician: Paul Earwicker.

12. Madeliene Inglehearn & National Early Dance Group:

      a/ The Richmond or early Sailor's Hornpipe from 1716

      b/ The New Female Saylor

      c/ The New Female Saylor - á la Nancy Dawson

13. Camden Cloggies. Musican: John Dickson.

      a/ Clog Sailor's Hornpipe’

      b/ Lancs/Irish Routine.

14. Old Lancs/Heel & Toe Routine: Pat Tracey. Musician: John Dickson.

15. Ermintrude's Waltz’: Tankerton Steppers

16. Irish Traditional 'Sean-Nos' Stepping from Connemara: Mick Mulkerrin. Musician: Simon Knight.

Workshop Showcase:

1. Northumberland & Durham Hornpipe. Tutors: Alex Woodcock / Kay Knightingale. Musicians: Paul Earwicker / Andy Johnson.

2. Lakeland Clog Hornpipe. Tutor: John Walford. Musicians: Bob Archer / Alec Hitchcock.

3. Irish Traditional 'Sean-Nos' Steps. Tutor: Mick Mulkerrin. Musican: Alan Pittwood.

4. Scottish Hard-Shoe Flowers of Edinburgh. Tutor: Colin Robertson. Musician: John Ryall.

5. Clog Waltz in Old Lancs/Heel & Toe Style. Tutor: Pat Tracey. Musician: John Dickson.

6. Northumberland & Durham Clog Hornpipe. Tutor: Geoff Hughes. Musician: Keith Holloway.

7. Adamson's Clog Hornpipe from East Fife. Tutor: Lesley Gowers. Musician: Ben Thackeray.

8. Clog Waltz in N.E. (Northumberland & Durham) Style. Tutors: Sue Jenkinson / Rosie Fletcher. Musician: Pete Fletcher.

9. Pedestal Hornpipe from Marion Cowper. Tutors: Ian Dunmur / Frances Allison. Musician: Alan Pittwood.

10. Old Irish Single Time from Dan Furey. Tutor: Chris Brady. Musicians: Eric and Rory Foxley.

11. Bert Bowden's Schottische. Tutor: Melanie Barber. Musician: Allan Sissons.

12. Appalachian Freestyle Flatfooting. Tutors: Ross Allen with Penny & John Allen. Musician: Jackie Rawlinson.

13. Clog-in or 'Sean-Nos' Session. Musician: Jackie Rawlinson.

Lecture: (footage available on YouTube) new.gif (902 bytes)

“Reminiscences of Collecting Traditional Dance in the British Isles" by Joan Flett. A lecture on the collecting of traditional step, clog and social dances from elderly people by Dr. Tom Flett and Joan Flett especially in Scotland and the Lake District in the 1950s and 1960s. Details of Tom and Joan's books can be found at: Books & Magazines. They can also be ordered via Amazon.

16th Festival - 1994

Performers Show:

1. Cape Breton Strathspey & Reel Steps - from Cape Breton, as collected by Jo & Simon Harmer from Jackie Dunn, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Chequered Flag.

2. Ottawa Valley Steps from Eastern Canada.

3. Jig Dolls: Jenny Foster / Julie Franklin. Musician: Peter Clifton.

4. Clog Waltz: Cloverleaf Clog.

5. Shepherd's Dance (as choreographed by the group): Cloverleaf Clog.

6. A Job of Journey-work - an Irish traditional set dance in the old style, as collected from Dan Furey and James Keane, in County Clare: Céline Tubridy. Musician: Michael Tubridy.

7. Lakeland Clog Hornpipe - Ian's famous 17-step routine based on traditional steps: Ian Dunmur. Musician: Ben Thackeray.

8. Cheshire/North Lancs Competition Clog: Jennifer Hill - 1994 Saddleworth Rushcart Champion Clog Dancer. Musician: Tony Hill.

9. Mrs. Willis's Rag by Jennifer Hill. Musician: Tony Hill.

10. Alex Boydell. Musician: Alan Pittwood.

      a/ Traditional Northern Clog Hornpipe Steps - as collected in the 1940s from Tommy Atkins [North Lancs] and Fred Foster [High Spen], and evolved by Alex.

      b/ Clog Steps in Slip-Jig Time - as evolved by Alex in free-style form.

11. Northumberland & Durham Championship Clog - steps from the Ellwood family and Doris Hawkes: Lynette Eldon - 1982 Northern Counties Clog Dancing Champion. Musician: Keith Holloway.

12. Military Drumbeat Clog in Old Lancs Heel & Toe Style: Pat Tracey. Musician: John Dickson.

13. Bill Gibbons Irish Jig  - a social dance from Burscough on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, as collected by Madeleine Smith: Camden Cloggies. Musician: John Dickson.

14. Appalachian Clogging - by as choreographed by the group: Touchwood Clog.

15. American Tap Routine: Becky Daybles & Sophi Keen, from Ronnie Collis’ Chaplin's Stage School, Northampton.

16. Professional Pedestal Clog: Ronnie Collis, founder of Chaplin's Stage School, Northampton.

Workshop Showcase:

1. Beginners N.E. Clog Waltz from Alec Woodcock. Tutor: Kay Nightingale. Musician: Paul Earwicker.

2. Beginners N.E. Clog Hornpipe. Tutor: Mike Cherry. Musician: Eric Foxley.

3. Beginners Lakeland Clog. Tutor: John Walford. Musician: Frank Lee.

4. Bill Gibbons Canal-Boatman's Steps as collected by Madeleine Smith. Tutor: Melanie Jordan. Musician: Alan Sissons.

5. Lakeland Clog in Ragtime. Tutors: Ian Dunmur / Lesley Gowers. Musician: Ben Thackeray.

6. Dartmoor Competition Steps. Tutor: Jennifer Millest. Musician: Alan Pittwood. [Refer to the 1993 Festival Video to see Champion Dartmoor Step Dancer, Rachel Hitchcock].

7. Northumberland & Durham Championship Clog. Tutor: Lynette Eldon. Musician: Peter Clifton.

8. Old Style Irish Hornpipe Steps from James Keane and Dan Furey of Co. Clare. Tutor: Céline Tubridy. Musians: Michael Tubridy / Alec Hitchcock / Justine Lowde.

9. Scottish Sailor's Hornpipe. Tutor: Colin Robertson. Musician: Terri Robertson.

10. Lancashire/Irish Jig Steps. Tutor: Pat Tracey. Musician: John Dickson.

11. Marley Buck & Wing Clog. Tutor: Tony Barrand. Musicians: Peter Clifton / Andy Johnson.

12. Appalachian Clogging. Tutors: Jay & Geoff Cubitt. Musicians: Derrick Hale / Karl Moore.

Additional Footage:

Marley Buck & Wing Clog as recorded at a workshop with Anna Marley and Tony Barrand, in Rockville, Connecticut, USA, in 1993 - 1. The New Marley Dancers, 2. Workshop ‘Show-n-Tell’

Barn Dance Displays:

Newcastle Cloggies: intro: Chris Metherell

1. Diddy Dixon's Exhibition Lakeland Steps

2. Lakeland Three Hand Reel

3. Veronica Ryan's Buck & Wing Steps from Accrington


Reading Cloggies: intro: Brian Jones

1. Miss Gayton's Hornpipe from Scotland: Lesley Gowers. Musician: Ben Thackeray.

2. The Priest in his Boots from Dan Furey, Co. Clare: Céline Tubridy / Chris Brady / Lesley Gowers. Musicians: Michael Tubridy / Alec Hitchcock.

3. Sam Sherry's Lancashire Hornpipe: Padiham Clog - in memory of team member Gemma Watson.

4. Marian Cowper's Pedestal Clog: Francis Allison. Musician: Ian Dunmur

17th Festival - 1995

Performers Show:

1. Marley Buck and Wing - New Dancing Marleys

2. Advanced Clog Waltz - Alex Woodcock

3. Marley Soft Shoe - New Dancing Marleys

4. Lakeland Clog - Ian Dunmur

5. Marley Clog Waltz - New Dancing Marleys

6. Marley Pedestal Clog - New Dancing Marleys

7. Sam Sherryąs Hornpipe - Harry Cowgill

8. Marley Military Drum Roll - New Dancing Marleys

9. Northumberland & Durham Clog - Lynette Eldon

10. Marley Staircase Dance & Tambourine Overture - New Dancing Marleys

11. Lancashire & Cheshire Championship Clog - Jennifer Hill

12. Marley Jump Rope Waltz Clog ‹ New Dancing Marleys

13. English Music Hall Items - Pat Tracey & Camden Clog

14. Marley Irish Jig - New Dancing Marleys

Workshop Showcase:

1. Northumberland And Durham Clog Hornpipe - Lesley Gowers

2. Quickstep Routine - Alex Woodcock & Kay Nightingale.

3. Lakeland Clog - John Walford

4. Sam Sherry's Exhibition Clog Hornpipe - Peter Clifton

5. Lakeland Clog - Ian Dunmur

6. Cape Breton Step Dancing - Jo And Simon Harmer

7. Northumberland/Durham Championship Clog Hornpipe - Lynette Eldon

8. Welsh Clog Broom Dance - Trevor Monson

9. Marley Military Drum Roll - Kari Smith

10. Mixed Rhythm Lancashire Clog Routine - Pat Tracey

11. Marley Family Buck And Wing Clog - Tony Barrand

12. Appalachian Step And Mountain Dancing - Jay & Geoff Cubitt


"How the History of American Wooden Shoe (Clog) Dancing was Discovered" by Rhett Krause & Tony Barrand.

18th Festival - 1996

Performers Show:

1. The Honeysuckle and the Bee - routine devised by B.L. Collis - The Northampton Four (from Ronnie's Chaplin Stage School)

2. Stage Tap - Ronnie Collis

3. Cotton-Eyed Joe - routine devised by B.L.Collis - Kids from Ronnie's Chaplin Stage School

4. None So Pretty - Jig collected by Cecil Sharp in Fieldtown, Oxfordshire - Jack Brown

5. Improvised Scottish Step Dance - as danced in Cape Breton, Canada - Frank McConnell

6. Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe - collected in 1959 by T & J Flett from Miss E Wallace of Kilmarnock - Lesley Gowers

7. Step Dance Tunes from the New Forest - Stan Seamen

8. Yorkshire Clog Dance - Gwen Naylor

9. Northumberland and Durham Clog Dance - Peter Brown

10. Modern Style French Canadian Step Dancing - which became popular in the folk revival of the 1970’s - Ross Allan

Workshop Showcase:

1. Northumberland and Durham Clog Hornpipe - Peter Brown

2. Lakeland Clog - Gill McNab

3. English Social Dances with Stepping - John Walford

4. Sammy Bell’s Exhibition Hornpipe - Tony Sever

5. Run o’t Mill - Theresa Hindle and Deborah Riley

6. Lily of Laguna - Gwen Naylor

7. Irish Set Dance - The Plain Set (6'th figure) - Val Knight

8. The Dirk Dance - John Wesencraft and Jane Lloyd

9. Jig Steps - Peter Clifton

10. Appalachian Clogging - Ross Allan

11. Old Lancs Heel and Toe - Pat Tracey and Katherine Tattershall

12. Petronella (as collected by Tom and Joan Flett) with 'treepling' - Reading Cloggies

13. Adamson’s Clog Hornpipe - Ian Dunmur


(details currently unavailable)

19th Festival - 1997

Performers Show - compčre Roy Dommett:

1. Ossy Cloggers were formed by Theresa Hindle in 1979. They will dance an unaccompanied Military Routine which represents a corps of drums, the solo drummer/dancer leading and the rest of the corps joining in a repeat, as in a drum and bugle band.

2. Shuttlers Clog from Buxton in Derbyshire perform a Broom Dance. These steps come from the South West of England and are danced to the music of the Bacca Pipes Jig, played by Roger Howard.

3. Ian Dunmur, co-founder of Reading Cloggies, dances his set of 17 Lakeland Steps collected by Tom and Joan Flett and by Ian from various Lakeland sources. He is accompanied by Ben Thackeray.

4. Ira Bernstein (see later biography) - South African Boot Dance.

5. Jo Harmer and Nina Barrel of Chequered Flag will be performing strathspey and reel steps in Cape Breton style to the music of Tracey Dares, Dave MacIsaac and Jerry Holland of Cape Breton.

6. Padiham Panache - Alison Hargreaves and Carrie Davies dance a mixed rhythm unaccompanied routine put together by them and Louise Nutter.

7. Ira Bernstein - Quebecois routines: Le Brandy and Watlz Clog

8. Penny Brookman and Dennis Victory came together through Traditional Arts Projects (TAPS) for a show called Rhythm in my Sole, in 1996. Although from very different dance backgrounds, they work on the interaction of steps and rhythms from a range of percussive dance styles and musical cultures, usually improvising their performances to suit unusual locations! Music is performed by Keith Holloway (melodeon) and Charles Spicer (oboe).

9. Ednie Wilson's set of seven slip jig steps devised to Northumbrian triple jig time, is the result of a project which was begun ten years ago and came to fruition two years ago. Based on the works of jazz poets, it translates the rhythm of the words so as to mimic jazz poetry. Accompanied by Chris Metherell - melodeon.

10. Ira Bernstein - Northumberland and durham Clog Hornpipe.

11. Pat Tracey shows us an Old Lancashire Heel and Toe dance taught by her grandfather to her mother, who in turn passed it on to her. She is accompanied by Paul Hudson.

12. Ira Bernstein is regarded as one of the most versatile and accomplished performers of percussive step dancing in America and, in particular, as one of the foremost southern-Appalachian-style flat-footers in the world. His repertoire is a wide array of dances that all share a common thread: the production of rhythmic, percussive sounds: he refers to his art as Ten Toe Percussion. Concerts of Ten Toe Percussion include an eclectic mix of rhythm tap dancing, Appalachian flatfooting, English clogging, Irish step dancing, Canadian step dancing and South African boot dancing. Today, Ira will be putting together a 15 minutes performance especially for the day. He will be accompanied by his own musician, Trevor Stuart, who is regarded as one of the top, young, traditional fiddlers in America.

Workshop Showcase:

1. Irish Jig from Burscough on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Madeleine Smith

2. Old Lancashire Heel and Toe Steps - John Walford

3. Northumberland and Durham Clog Hornpipe - Peter Brown

4. Bacca Pipes and Other Jigs - Jack Brown

5. Dutch Dance from Veronica Ryan - Theresa Hindle And Deborah Riley

6. Miss Gayton's Hornpipe - Lesley Gowers

7. Elsie Brooks' Schottische Steps - Ednie Wilson

8. Cape Breton Reel and Strathspey Steps - Jo Harmer

9. Ivy Sands Exhibition Steps - Chris and Alice Metherell

10. Appalachian Flatfooting - Ira Bernstein


"The Anomaly of Appalachian Clogging in the United Kingdom" by Ira Bernstein

20th Festival - 1998

Performers Show: 

1. 3 Dance Routine - Knicker-Bocker Glory

2. Her y Dafern / Tavern Contest - Osian Evans and Aron Davies

3. Waltz Medley - City Clickers

4. Rhythm Tap - Ira Bernstein

5. Country Dance Medley - 1. Maids Morris, 2. Subriny’s Minuet, 3. Northern Nancy - Ladies Maid

6. Cowper’s Pedestal Dance - Ian Dunmur

7. Sauerländer 5 and Kruz König  dances from Germany- Reading Cloggies

8. Quebecois Waltz Clog - Ira Bernstein

9. 1. 3/2 Hornpipe, 2. Modern, 3. Ragtime - Jane Pollitt

10. 2 Dance Routine - Footnotes & Trocadero - Puffin Billy’s

11. 10 Best Rhythm - Blues and Jazz - Dennis Victory

12. Appalachian Flatfooting - Ira Bernstein

Workshop Showcase:

1. Lakeland Clog Steps and Dances - John Walford

2. Sammy Bell’s Waltz Steps - Julie Williams

3. Morris Jigs - All the Winds and Shepherd’s Hey - Jack Brown

4. Scottish Reels c.1800 - Anne Daye

5. Musicians - Chris Jewell

6. Carmarthenshire Contemporary Clog - Ossian Evans and Aron Davies

7. British Jazz Tap - Dennis Victory

8. Lancashire Irish Party Dance - Pat Tracey

9. Anna Marley’s Soft Shoe Clog Steps

10. Lancashire and Cheshire Competition Style Hornpipe - Jane Pollitt

11. Appalachian Flatfooting - Ira Bernstein


"The Strathspey Reel - Strictly National and Peculiar to Scotland" by Anne Day

21st Festival - 1999

Performers Show:

1. Cumberland Sword Dance - Allenova School of Dance

2. Sheepskins - Isis

3. Dance for Five - Woodfidley

4. Step Dancing in 6/8 from the Outaouais Region - Pierre Chartrand

5. Hit the Road, Jack - Allenova School of Dance

6. Jig Steps from Sam Sherry (1970s) - Peter Clifton

7. Westmoreland Steps to Ragtime Tunes - Pennyroyal Clog Dancers

8. Step Dancing in 3/2 from the Saguenny Region - Pierre Chartrand

9. A Capella - Broken Ankles

10. A North East Reel with Additional Steps - Jane Pollitt

11. The Music of the Mills - Pat Tracey and Camden Sharp Steppers

12. Step Dancing in 2/4 - Pierre Chartrand

Workshop Showcase:

1. Musicians Workshop - Jack Brothwell

2. Waltz, Hornpipe, Reel and Jig - Mike Cherry

3. Mrs. Marhoff’s Single Hornpipe - John Walford

4. Westmoreland/Lakeland Clog Hornpipe - Jennifer Millest

5. Manx Dances - Nigel Close & Woodfidley

6. Northumberland and Durham Clog Hornpipe - Peter Brown

7. Music Hall Routines: Lily of Laguna & Narcissus - Lesley Gowers

8. The Earl of Erroll - according to the Hill Manuscript 1841 - Colin Robertson

9. Five Step Reel - Jane Pollitt

10. French Canadian Step Dancing from the Saguenay Region - Pierre Chartrand


"The Origins of Step Dancing in Quebec, the Saguenay Region and its Style" by Pierre Chartrand.

22nd Festival - 2000

Performers Show: 

1. Open Ring - Appalachian Clogging - Broken Ankles

2. Pat Tracey’s Slow Hornpipe - Crosby Lake Clatterers

3. Hambone Percussion - Julie Young accompanied by Bob Walser

4. Welsh Clog - Annie Moore & Mike Cherry

5. Steps Collected in the North East - In Step Research Team

6. Ontario Waltz - Jo Harmer

7. Rapper Sword dance - High Spen Blue Diamonds Rapper

Workshop Showcase: 

1. Appalachian Clogging Routine - Penny & Anthony Allan

2. Musicians Workshop & Assembled Musicians - Jack Brothwell

3. The Sailors Hornpipe - Bob Parker

4. Lakeland Clog - John Walford

5. Rapper Sword Dance - Alex Fisher

6. Liverpool Hornpipe & Cumberland Sword Dance - Jennifer Millest

7. Old Lancs. Heel & Toe Routine B - Kathryn Tattershall

8. Woodland Flowers Routine - Geoff Hughes

9. Welsh Clog Step - Carol Loughlin

10. Jig Steps from Sam Sherry - Peter Clifton

11. Rapper Sword dance - High Spen Blue Diamonds


"21 Years Collecting Clog" by Chris Metherell

23rd Festival - 2001

Performers Show: 

1. Durham Hornpipe - Young Miscellany - musician: Andrew Swaine

2. Irish Hard and Soft Shoe - Heneghan Dancers

3. Sam Sherry Exhibition Step - Chas Fraser - musician: Ian Dunmur

4. A Musical Mudley - Paul Hutchinson

5. North Country Clog - Brenda Walker - musician: Bridie Walker

6. Rag Time Band - Simon Harmer - musician: Jo Harmer

7. Rapper Sword Dance - East Saxon Sword - musician: Paul Draper

Workshop Showcase:

1. Musicians Workshop and Assembled Musicians - Paul Hutchinson

2. Devon Broom Dance and Al Bal Whenney - Rachel Hitchcock

3. Sam Sherry’s Lancashire Hornpipe - Chas Fraser

4. Westmoreland Memory - Chris Coe

5. East Fife Hornpipe - Lesley Thackeray

6. Bedlam (I Love My Love) - Karen and Colin Cater

7. Ontario Waltz - Jo Harmer

8. Northumberland and Durham Jig Steps - Breda Walker

9. Rapper Sword Dance - East Saxon Sword


"Collection of Traditional and Step Dancing and Clog Revival over the last 50 years" by Jennifer Millest

24th Festival - 2002

Performers Show:

1. Fran’s Dance - Oracle, Newport - musicians: Revelation

2. Lakeland Steps - Ian Dunmur - musician: Ben Thackeray

3. Elsie Brooks Steps - Sam Steele - Ridgeway Revellers - musician Ben Thackeray

4. Manx Fisherman’s Jig - Ian Craigs duet with Jean Smith - Brenda Walker’s Reels - musician: Jean Smith

5. St. Patrick’s Day; Reel-Jig-Hornpipe Medley - David James - musician: Ian Graham

6. Sam Sherry’s Waltz Steps - Carol Nutter - musician: John Dickson

7. Advanced Old Lancs. - Lancashire Irish - Camden Clog - musician: John Dickson

Workshop Showcase:

1. Musicians Workshop & Assembled Musicians - Ian Dunmur

2. The Nutting Girl, Morris Jig - Mike Garland

3. Pat Tracey’s Beginners Waltz - Kathryn Tattershall

4. Moving Feet - Simon Harmer

5. Balaronian Maid (song) - Karen and Colin Cater

6. The Blackbird - David James

7. Marley Military Roll - Carol Nutter

8. Elsie Willis Double Hornpipe - Ian Craigs

9. Sam Sherry’s Schottische


(details currently unavailable)

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