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The Tall Ships People - Jacci Jourdan operates a crew registry of prospective sail trainees, especially for the Cutty Sark Tall Ship Races.
Email: jacci@thetallshipspeople.freeserve.co.uk

Germany / Austria / Denmark / Norway / Switzerland / Benelux / France / U.K.

Tall Ship Friends - support group and booking agency for: Kruzenshtern, Mir, Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Christian Radich, Sörlandet, Europa, Roald Admundsen, Antigua.
Email: Tallship1@aol.com - general
Email: Tallship Booking@aol.com - bookings: Germany / Denmark / Norway / Switzerland
Email: Aneu123@aol.com - Austria
Email: voilinfo@club-internet.fr - France
Email: etienne.vos@pi.be - Benelux
Email: joan@oceania46.fsnet.co.uk - U.K.


Adventure Sailing GmbH - handles bookings for: Sedov, Christian Radich, Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Khersones, and many others.
Email: info@windjammer.de


Boston Nautical Heritage Group
Email: Adventure@BostonNautical.com
Ocean Voyages
Email: sail@oceanvoyages.com
HANSA Foundation - provides international sail training opportunities for Maine Youth and others on a needs blind basis.
Email: info@sailtraining.com


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